Web Hosting & Maintenance

Web hosting should be affordabe, reliable, scaled to your needs and include updates. You're paying for hosting and maintenance, you shouldn't have to pay a separate fee for every update.


  • Occational *ad-hoc updates
  • Occational consultation calls
  • eMail Accounts
  • Site backups

Starting at $150/year


  • Store/Shopping Cart
  • More Frequent Updates or Consultation calls
  • Advanced eMail Features
  • Databases and Interactive Forms

Added features may increase yearly hosting fees.

The BASIC HOSTING fee applies to the majority of web sites. Additional features that require more time, bandwidth, and maintenance may increase the cost of yearly hosting. Visit our faq for more information or contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

*ad-hoc updates are updates to existing content and may include changing an email address, phone number or date, updating text, replacing a picture, etc. Additions or development of new content, pages or features will be quoted on a per-case basis.